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EKOLET - DRY COMPOSTING TOILETS FOR HOLIDAY HOMES Composting Ekolet Dry Toilets are odorless, and very easy to install and maintain. The toilets function without using additives after use. The outdoor models don’t even require electricity. The toilets combine the best properties of a traditional outdoor toilet and a urine separating toilet. FOR YOUR HOME Composting Ekolet Dry Toilets are completely odorless. Inside the container the waste is composted into fertilizing soil, and the extracted liquid is biologically cleaned.  The toilets are suitable for regular, year-round use. You can replace an ordinary water closet with an Ekolet toilet. ORDER FROM WEBSHOP From our product selection you will find a composting dry toilet suitable for your needs. Order a composting dry Ekolet toilet from our web shop, and we will deliver it wherever you want, with 25 years’ experience. We have used the Ekolet toilet for over ten years, and we are very pleased with it. There are no smells or flies, and extraction of composted waste is easy. However, it is not waste, but an excellent fertilizer for the lawn yard. DRY TOILETS FOR OUTDOOR USE DRY TOILET FOR INDOOR USE Ekolet - Videos