International activities

Ekolet has sold eco-toilets worldwide since 1995 via its multilingual web shop. Therefore, Ekolet toilets exist in many countries and in all continents, except Antarctica. Few years ago, Ekolet developed a new, inexpensive eco-toilet “Happy-Loo”, which is especially suitable for rural areas and emerging countries. With this patented toilet Ekolet wants to bring a convenient and sustainable solution to the huge sanitation problems worldwide. KENYA Two Happy-Loo toilets have been installed to Nairobi Arboratum for public use. The toilets have been in use since April 2017 and over 350 users were interviewed during the first months. The feedback has been very good and people as well as the owner of the Arboratum, Kenya Forest Service (KFS), have been very pleased. Please see the KFS testimonial. The final report of the toilet demonstration was received in the beginning of 2018 with good results. This demonstration is the important first step to convince local authorities on the benefits and usability of composting eco-toilets. The work continues and much more installations are still needed to make local people accustomed to them and to achieve the wide benefits and increased wellbeing. CHINA In China, Ekolet Happy-Loo demonstration project has been divided into three locations to test the use in different environments. In Tibet, a sanitation container with six toilets, was installed in September 2017. Three of the toilets are seat type of toilets and three are squat type of toilets. The first feedback has been very positive and the more concrete user feedback will be received during 2018. The testing continues 2019-2020 to optimize the product for local needs. Kunshan City. Two Happy-Loo toilets have been installed in a public national park, close to Kunshan City (about 100 km [...]

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What to consider in selecting a composting toilet

We have drawn up a list of things the buyer of a composting toilet needs to pay special attention to in order to avoid disappointment. The aim of the list is to help the buyer to make sure that the composting process is functioning, and that the apparatus is odourless and easy to maintain. HYGIEN Is the toilet odourless to use and to maintain? EASE OF USE - Need for additives: Does the toilet require additives or not? - Frequency of emptying: How often do you need to empty the apparatus? Once a year, once a month or more often? - Bio-waste: Can you put the bio-waste from kitchen into the composting toilet? - Reliability of use: Can waste that goes into the wrong place in a model with sorting of the waste in the seat hinder the operation of the apparatus? - The result of composting and need for after-composting: Is the end product odourless and ripe enough or is it in need of after-composting before it can be used in the garden? - Convenience of use: Can the toilet be used also while standing or only while sitting? Is it possible to use a hand shower (not included)? LABORATORY ANALYSIS Can the salesperson present any results from analysis of the effluent liquid and solid matter? DEPENDABILITY OF USE Does the apparatus contain any parts that could be easily blocked or jammed? ECOLOGICAL EFFECTS Is the apparatus operated by electricity and how much does it consume? REQUIREMENTS FOR INSTALLATION Is the liquid from the exhaust hose of the composter in need of special treatment? Is the effluent liquid in need of after-treatment of washing water or after-treatment of toilet waste?Is the effluent liquid biologically [...]

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