Benefits of the Happy-Loo dry toilet system

Benefits for target market

  • Happy-Loo dry toilet is odorless and ecological solution for processing toilet waste, which saves the environment and contributes to the general hygiene.
  • Happy-Loo dry toilet can be installed easily and cost efficiently since it does not need any water and sewage network
  • Happy-Loo toilet is easy to use and service and all materials needed in the service can be found locally.

Advantages of Happy-Loo toilet system compared to standard solutions

  • Happy-Loo dry toilet does not need water, electricity or any additives to function. It combines the best features of pit latrine and urine diversion dehydrating (UDD) toilets.
  • There is stable surface on both sides of the toiled lid which can be used as a hand support. This makes visit to the toilet easier for elderly and handicapped persons as well as for children.
  • Men can use the toilet also standing.
  • In Happy-Loo toilet liquid waste is separated effectively from the whole solid waste. In some dry toilet solutions urine is separated already in the seat but then urine collector gets easily dirty or blocked with solid waste or toilet paper. In these kinds of systems urine also goes easily outside the urine collector, especially if men are urinating standing.
  • The aeration is normally a problem. In Happy-Loo toilet the bottom and front side filtering is also a channel for fresh air. The air in the Happy-Loo toilet system flows from the bottom hole through the waste and filtering material via the ventilation pipe outside the toilet house keeping the inside of the toilet house odorless.
  • To empty the solid waste from a small hatch might be a problem. In Happy-Loo toilet the toilet unit is tipped backwards and the whole upper end is open for easy emptying. As an alternative the container can be pulled away, moved by dragging or by a cam track to a suitable place and emptied by tipping.
  • In Happy-Loo toilet the ventilation pipe and the pipe for liquid waste are automatically loosened and re-connected during the emptying. The only tools needed for emptying are shovel and carrying trolley (e.g. wheelbarrow)
  • In Happy-Loo toilet all parts are firmly attached to each other and locked with bolt lock to the building, so that there are no loose parts to be lost.
  • In a normal dry toilet there is no system to kill pathogens and they flow easily into the ground with liquid waste. In Happy-Loo system statistically all helminthes are dead, bacteria are reduced to 1/10.000-100.000, viruses to 1/100-1000 and BOD 5 to 1/5 before infiltration into the ground or used as fertilizer (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO)
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