Is the EKOLET composting toilet difficult to use?

No. The toilet needs no additives such as bark or sawdust. This is thanks to the patented air circulation system and humidification. Three-year-old compost soil is emptied once a year and the empty compartment will be rotated back under the seat to be used. The compartment is easy to empty by using an ordinary shovel through an opening on the side or through an opening on the top of the container that is of an ergonomically convenient height. No after-composting is needed. One can use water for bidet-shower in all the models. The model meant for holiday home outdoor toilet has a sink in the toilet lid for washing one's hands.

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What about over-use?

Temporary over-use is not harmful. Constant over-use, however, may cause the problem that the waste is not ripe when the compartment is emptied. If the usage amounts to four times the recommended limit, the resulting waste will of the same kind as in a single-compartment composter when emptied.

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