Outdoors toilet for leisure time use (VU):

Ekolet composting toilet is simply the best! Incredibly functional, does not smell, does not require any additives. The four compartment model functions magnificently even for a large group of people. Emptying is easy and clean work. A device I would never give up! I am always a little surprised when visiting other cottages that people still use those stinky pails, which must be dumped every week into some pits.
Senior lecturer Hannele Cantell, University of Helsinki
I have been using the Ekolet compost toilet that we have in the outhouse for many years, and I have been really satisfied with it. No smell and easy to use.
P. Mäkelä
We have been most pleased with the toilet. Our guests have been very surprised, they have enjoyed using it.This Ekolet has filled its function really well during these last nine years. Nothing could make us start using the old toilet again. In my opinion, the money has really not been wasted.The compost toilet has easily fulfilled its promises, and intermediate composting is not needed. It is environment friendly and easily taken care of.It produces a rather small amount of compost earth. From one bin, one gets a wheelbarrow of earth, and that g, and I have been really satisfied with it into the flower-bed.Except for emptying, the facility needs no special maintenance.
Milka, the hostess of the Hellberg cottage

Indoors toilet for leisure time use (VS):

The toilet has worked faultlessly with the exception of minor adjustments …. No flies at all have been observed at the toilet room, so one can be only satisfied of this Ekolet feature……. emptying  is through a hatch  26 × 26 cm at the side of the container. From behind the hatch appeared  very dry, well composted  waste that was easy to dig with a shovel to a wheelbarrow …. The maintenance of the toilet turned out to be an easy and hygienic job. The treatment of the dry and odorless  ripe compost was not disagreeable – as handling soil or peat. Now one can use the dry composting toilet again at least a year ahead without any worries.
Markku Lindell, TM Construction World 7/2013


The assembly instructions for the Ekolet are clear and the illustrations good, but a few details puzzled me, being a novice at this. The sewage hose is connected to the outer shell by means of an enormous hose clamp, making the connection seem secure. The outer shell of the toilet easily fits into place and it is secured to the inner shell with screws. The toilet’s cover is then fastened with an ordinary hinge mechanism. Test sitting the plastic toilet, the construction of which seemed so frail, proved it to be quite as stable as a similar one made of porcelain. Ekolet VS has been in use during the whole summer, and filled its function well. There is no smell at all in the toilet and the system works in all aspects hygienically indoors.
Markku Lindell, TM Construction World 6/09


I have now arrived on the island where the volunteers have fitted the ekolet. It is really great – and worth the long wait – thankyou!


In connection with kitchen waste being poured into the compost toilet, one may get small flies into the house. One can compose a simple flytrap by placing an ordinary drinking glass, half full of water, on the kitchen table, into which has been added a spoon-full of dishwashing liquid and 2-4 spoon-fulls of apple vinegar. The flies will disappear within a couple of days.