Ekolet Bag Loo dry toilet

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The patented Ekolet Bag-Loo is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive composting dry toilet which is simple to use and maintain. In addition to private household use, the Ekolet Bag Loo is ideal for public use e.g. in camping sites and recreation areas.

The toilet is odorless, easy to use and maintain. The toilet does not need electricity, water or additives to function. The use is simple, just open the lid and after operation, close the lid. Water can be used with the toilet in addition to toilet paper. If the toilet is used daily for example by 10 adults, the emptying interval is about 3-4 months. If the toilet is used in summer house two months per year by four persons, the emptying interval is about 2-3 years.

Service is clean and simple

In use, the waste drops into a filter cloth bag inside the toilet. When it is time for emptying, the wheeled toilet container is transported to the emptying site. A bucket of peat, soil, etc. is poured over the waste and the bag is closed. The bag is then dumped out of the container and left at the emptying site for after-composting. After suitable period, the contents of the bag have transformed neatly to a fertilizing soil. No other after-composting operations are required. The bag of fertilizing soil is emptied to the plants and the bag is reused. The toilet comes with two bags. Please see the Ekolet Bag Loo Use and Service video link at the bottom of this page.

What happens to the liquid in the toilet?

Because of the ingenious filtering and air ventilation solution much of the liquid will evaporate with the ventilation. The remaining liquid drains mainly along the surfaces of the bag to the bottom of the container, out into the liquid cup and from there along the outlet pipe to the liquid collection tank.

The toilet’s internal ventilation keeps the toilet room odorless and comfortable to use.

Additional information

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Ekolet Bag Loo in heavy use

If the toilet is heavily used (e.g. camping site or public use), the toilet is emptied more frequently. In this case, multiple filter cloth bags should be used to allow time for the waste to transform to 100% soil.