Outdoor use dry composting toilet 

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The Ekolet Holiday Home Outdoors (VU) composting toilet contains a rotating four-compartment composting tank with a lid and a seat with a cover.  These are made of rigid plastic. The liquid is filtered through an intermediate floor into an evaporation tank. Air circulation via the ventilation pipe keeps the composting toilet odorless. When one compartment is full, a thin layer of soil or peat is sprinkled over the top. The new empty compartment is rotated into position. One compartment holds a summer’s worth (2-3 months) of toilet waste from a household of four persons. The apparatus can also be used in winter.

No special maintenance is needed

The composting toilet requires no special maintenance. The four compartments allow sufficiently long, natural composting and the end product is ready to be used as a fertilizer directly to plants. The Ekolet VU requires no electricity when installed into an outhouse. The composting toilet is easy to install into both old and new outhouses.

Made of long-lasting materials

The Ekolet Holiday Home Outdoors (VU) composting toilet includes an integrated sink for washing hands. Ekolet is manufactured from long-lasting, recyclable materials that leak no harmful substances to nature. An outhouse made from light timber is also available.