Inexpensive dry composting toilet

Happy-Loo Inexpensive dry composting toilet  is an innovation that solves sanitation problem in a nature friendly manner. It is easy to use and service. The toilet requires no electricity, water or additives to function.

Use is simple

The use is simple, just open the lid and after operation, close the lid. Water can be used with the toilet in addition to toilet paper. If the toilet is used daily for example by 10 adults, the emptying interval is about 4-5 months. If the toilet is used in summer house two months per year by four persons, the emptying interval is about 4 years. The surface area around the lid makes usage easy also for children and elderly people.

Service is easy

Emptying is easy. The wheeled container is transferred to the emptying location. The filter plate inside the container is pulled out and the container is emptied on dry ground by turning it upside down. This (pre-composted) solid waste needs after-composting i.e. the waste (~0.2 m3) needs to be sheltered from rain for half a year (> 20°C).

The filter plate is inserted back to the emptied container and new filter material is placed in the filter section and to the bottom of the container. The ventilation pipe and the liquid drainage system are automatically loosened and re-connected when the unit is serviced.

Because of the ingenious filtering and air ventilation solution most of the liquid will evaporate with the ventilation. The seepage liquid that comes out from the container needs storing in a retaining tank before infiltrating it to the ground via seepage pit or used as a fertilizer.

After-composting with extra container

The most practical way to do after-composting is to use an extra container. This way you will handle only ready composted soil all the time. When the toilet container gets full, you will replace it with the empty one. The full container will be put aside for after-composting and will be emptied when the material is fully composted to soil.

Please see the Benefits

Please see the Use and Service video of Happy-Loo toilet => Here