A stylish outhouse made for the Ekolet VU composting toilet.

The parts come as wooden elements, so assembly is quick and easy. The lowest part with the stairs is durable (treated) wood, which guarantees a long life for the building. Other wooden parts are untreated.

See the installation video here

Complete delivery content
• Floor and wall elements with correct openings
• Roof elements with graphite black roof felt
• Durable wooden lower part with stairs
• Ventilation pipe with the upper part netted against insects
• All screws and fasteners required for assembly
• Very clear installation instructions (+ link to installation video)

The Ekolet ULKO VU toilet shown in the picture must be ordered separately

• The exterior dimensions of the building are 1.30 m x 1.20 m
• Room height is 2.10 m
• Door opening height is 180 cm. From the top step of the stairs to the top frame of the doorway is approx. 195 cm.
• Package size 1230 mm x 2400 mm x 90 mm (with pallet)
• Weight 290 kg (with pallet)