The Ekolet YV indoors composting toilet is for year around use and composts both toilet and food waste and biologically cleans liquids. It also allows for the use of a hand shower. There is sufficient capacity for continual use by 1–7 people. The toilet is made up of a porcelain toilet seat in the washroom itself plus a rotating, four-compartment composting tank beneath the floor. The electrically assisted air circulation through the ventilation pipe keeps the toilet completely odour-free. The external appearance of the toilet is just like that of an ordinary water toilet. No additives are needed, and no sewerage pipes or water for flushing.

New compartment rotated into position

When one compartment in the composting tank is full, a thin layer of soil or turf is sprinkled over the top, and a new compartment rotated into position. This happens at intervals of about a year. When all four compartments are full, the compartment with the oldest compost will be taken out through a hatch on the side. The four compartments allow sufficiently long, natural composting and the end product is ready to be used as a fertilizer directly to plants. The biologically cleansed liquids, can be piped, along with household washing water, into a septic tank, and from there out into nature. In addition to the basic Ekolet YV model, we also provide Ekolet YV+B model which is equipped with biological waste water cleansing system for the most sensitive environment.

Simple and reliable in construction

The Ekolet  indoors composting toilet is simple and reliable in construction, and can also be used during prolonged power shortages. It contains no parts that could break or become blocked and prevent the use of the toilet. The need for floor space is small due to the vertical design. The Ekolet also effectively reduces the amount of the carcinogenic radon gas by improving the ventilation in the foundations of the house. The material is polythene plastic reinforced by steel and can be recycled.