Excerpts from laboratory analyses of the Ekolet compost from the four compartment models:

The compost is well broken down. The level of coliform bacteria is very low, i.e. all hazardous (potentially harmful to health) micro organisms are killed during the composting process.

Ekolet compost is an excellent organic fertilizer as it contains relatively high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, which are easily assimilated by plants.
recycle2C 27,0%
N 2,6%
NH4-N 0,2%
NO3-N 0,7%
P 1,9%
K 1,8%
Mg 0,8%
Ph 6,6

Coliform bacteria 35°C: < 1 per gram

E. coli: < 1 per gram

Salmonella: None
Dry matter content: 30,0%

The extracted liquid meets the strictest environmental requirements 
The liquids extracted from the composter drop by drop amount to 2 litres per person per day in the year-round model and 1 litre per person per day in the holiday home model. The liquid is treated as normal household washing water.

According to the laboratory analyses the EKOLET composting toilet removes from the toilet wastewater:

  • Of the organic substances, BOD7 (Biological Oxygen Demand) 95% (remaining 1,0 g / person/day)
  • Of the phosphorus (P) 73% (remaining 0,6 g / person/day)
  • Of the nitrogen (N) 87% (remaining 1,7 g / person/day)

The extracted liquid contains no harmful amounts of faecal coliform bacteria.