A completely odorless, fully-composting closet

By virtue of a patented liquid handling system, Ekolet’s dry composting closets are completely odorless and no additional substances, like litter, are needed in connection with use. Additionally, our outdoor models function without the need for electricity.

Using the four-stall model the fertilized compost is delivered directly to plants and no follow-up composting is required. Thus Ekolet’s four-stall dry closets are genuine composting ones, a claim that none of our competitors are unable to boast.

Easy to mount, easy to maintain

Ekolet dry closets are designed so that they can be set up by anyone, without needing any assistance, thanks to a video, which describes the mounting, as well as the accompanying written instructions. No special instruments are required to maintain the closet, a standard digging shovel is sufficient. The closet only needs to be emptied once per year or even more rarely — so that vacation won’t be spoilt by continuous maintenance of the closet.

A quality, European-standard product

All Ekolet products are the result of skillful Finnish design and production, using the very best environmentally-friendly materials. Ekolet products have been on the market for more than 25 years and we have many, many satisfied customers in numerous different countries all over the world.